Impact & Evaluation

In2Impact Impact & EvaluationAll our work is geared towards creating greater impact for our clients.


That impact can be:

  • Increased market share and revenue
  • Increased leverage and credibility with stakeholders
  • Increased positive social change


Our impact services include:

Strategic planning

We work collaboratively with organisational planning teams and other agencies to develop specific product or market analysis. Read more »

Programme planning

Programme planning is often like an attempt to build a complex jigsaw puzzle. Worse, it is often a jigsaw puzzle with many of the most important pieces missing. Read more »

Monitoring evaluation (M&E) planning

We work alongside programme teams to build specific Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plans to complement the overall programme plan. Read more »

Market forecasting

We have a particular expertise in the construction and interpretation of historic trend data. whether economic, social, behavioural or attitudinal. Read more »

Economic impact assessments

Development plans often require an in-depth analysis of the economic and social impact of that development.
Read more »

Impact evaluation

We have extensive experience undertaking both formative and summative evaluations of complex social and educational projects. Read more »