Impact evaluation

impact evaluationThe Global Fellowship Programme aimed to provide a window on globalisation for one hundred high potential young people from diverse social and academic backgrounds in the UK each year.

The transformational personal impact of studying and working in on of the BRIC countries was obvious from talking to any of the young people themselves. But our commission to undertake an impact assessment required us to understand whether the programme was creating positive impact beyond those people directly involved.

We interviewed a variety of national and international stakeholders in education, business, policy and media. We ran focus groups with participants and we developed a simple online survey with which to track subsequent outreach and cascade activity.

Our findings confirmed the huge intrinsic impact of the programme in terms of the increased confidence and self-esteem of participants. It also pointed to a hidden iceberg of school visits, blogs, media interviews, conversations and charitable engagements which the Global Fellows were using as vehicles for sharing their experiences and excitement more widely.