Economic impact assessment

Economic-impact-assessmentOur client needed to understand the economic impact of a mixed use development of housing, retail and small business units on brown-field land on the edge of a small market town in the UK.

The development had general community support because it would involve decontamination of previously industrial land and the provision of new family housing for a town bursting at the seams.

Our analysis was required to provide the client with confidence that the expensive decontamination was a justified investment and to provide the Planning Authorities with confidence that the development would contribute to the sustainability and growth of the local economy.

Our extensive background research involved reviewing the Local Plan and relevant Council planning frameworks along with detailed analysis of local trends in population, housing, employment, small business formation and commuting.

We also undertook a community census survey to generate direct input and suggestions from local residents and businesses.

Using the data we then modelled various scenarios in terms of size and mix of units to identify an optimum mix to meet community needs and deliver a required GVA contribution to the local plan.